English Club for schoolchildren

There are up to 10 children in a group.
The class lasts for 2 hours.

Very often we face a situation when a child studies a language hard for several years, knows vocabulary and grammar quite well, but as soon as he gets a chance to speak, he becomes speechless and cannot say a word.

English Club is a modern and effective way to help a child to overcome the speech barrier!

Why do children like English Club?


Because the leader of the club is a young and charismatic foreigner. It is interesting, fun and not scary at all to talk to him in English. Child feels support at his first attempts to make a dialogue. In the environment of kindness and respect children gradually overcome shyness, insecurity and open up for free communication, not being afraid to be judged for mistakes.


Children enjoy coming to the club because here they discuss interesting and relevant for their age topics. They also like to learn modern songs, watch and discuss films. Each time at the club includes games, quests, art workshops and fascinating experiments! Also, it is a chance to earn dollars for active participation and good progress. And even though these dollars are not real, but at the COTTAGE fair you may buy real games, souvenirs and sweets.


KARLSSON’S COTTAGE is taken by kids as a place of rest. They forget about school books, cramming and homework. They assimilate new material and extend vocabulary through natural communication.

We always think about children’s health. That is why the club’s program includes fun and active games outside, a plate with fresh fruit and tasty vitaminized tea.

What results to expect?

Language barrier disappears, the child is not afraid to speak and can maintain dialogue on different topics.

Vocabulary grows up to 2000 words.

Speech speed increases and pronunciation improves.

The understanding of oral speech significantly improves.

The cost of a subscription in an English club

English Club

From 4 to 7 lessons

100 UAH / hour

English Club

From 8 to 11 lessons

90 UAH / hour

English Club

From 12 lessons

80 UAH / hour

It is important!
We are absolutely sure that all children have good abilities to learn languages. It only depends on the methods that are being used, the professionalism of the teachers and the possibility of putting received knowledge into practice. Bring us the kids, who have been instilled that learning English is hard. Bring us the “unable” kids. And we will do everything possible for the child to believe in his/her abilities and English to become the most favorite and intelligible school subject!